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She was raised in Fremont, California - he was raised in Strasbourg, France.

We met in the San Francisco Bay Area, got married, had two daughters, and one day decided to move to France so we can eat crêpes every day - ok, that wasn't really part of the original plan, but eventually became true...keep reading our story below:

In 2013, we took a one way flight to start a new life in France. We had dreamt about and planned to, one day, spend some time outside of the US: but rather than waiting to reach retirement age, we decided to go as we just entered our 30's and our kids (Sarah and Aryanna) were young enough to quickly learn the language.

On our second day in France, Omar introduced Megan and Sarah (Aryanna was still a baby!) the little crêpe kiosk in downtown Strasbourg where he used to eat crêpes as a kid and throughout high school, as the shop was on his way home.

Soon, the smell, the taste, and the joy we got from eating crepes every week became a passion.  As we traveled to other parts of France, we would run into these crepe stands everywhere: in front of shopping malls, at the park, on a busy street, and each time the experience was just as enjoyable. Unfortunately for us, the cold and the rain often prevented us to ride our bicycles and hang out in downtown to have our crêpes.

One day, our older daughter, Sarah, came home from school and shared how much fun she had making crêpes in class with her kindergarden teacher, Madame Juliette. It was the day of "Chandeleur", National crêpe day in France so they prepared the batter, made the crêpes, and ate them in class. So it all started with a 5 year old little girl, passionate about Nutella crêpes who suggested: 

"Why don't we make crêpes at home?"

It had never crossed our minds, but it then became a tradition to celebrate each weekend by making crêpes at home.

We had never made crêpes, so we practiced very often until it became good, then very good: Megan was well complimented by our friends who came over for crêpes and at first, wouldn't believe that an American woman who had just moved to France was making such delicious crêpes! 

When we decided to come back to the Bay Area, we wanted to bring something special with us: not just stories but something we thought everyone would truly enjoy as much as we did...we didn't know what we could bring, but now we are glad that we brought back an authentic taste of Paris.

As we were settling into our new life, a few weeks after we arrived, we were having a talk about our careers and here's a piece of our conversation:

Megan: "Hey, how about I sell crêpes?"

Omar (froze, smiled, and said): "OH, MY... (didn't get to finish his sentence)

Megan: CREPES! OH MY CREPES! That's what we should name the business!

We purposely left the "H" out when we registered our business: another long story to share, but not for now...

That's our story about crêpes, hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to join our mailing list for news and promos and follow us on social media to stay in touch.

We thank all of our friends and families for their continued support since 2016 :-)

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